Llanos Negros | La Time – White 2000
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Listán Blanco from Canary Islands is the predominant and singular variety of D.O. La Palma, effort of a human project to  give value to the work of winegrowers who  abandoned the ease and continue the work, maintaining the legacy and beauty of our vines.

It’s a 2000 vintage wine. It’s 100% listán blanco of 60 year old vines. It was macerated and fermented partialy with their skins in concrete tanks, skins were removed after 6 days to end fermentation in concrete tank. It was racked after 12 months and it has remained until bottling in the same deposit. It has not been clarified, nor filtered.

  • Oenologist: Carlos Lozano Pérez
  • Assistant winemaker: Francisco Camacho
  • Vine responsable: Rodrigo Castillo
  • Alcohol by volumen (%vol.): 13.0
  • Total acidity (g/L) in tartaric acid: 4.8
  • Volatileacidity (g/L) in aceticacid: 0.43
  • pH: 3.18
  • Residual sugar (g/L): 2.0
  • Plots: La Tablada, Los Tabaqueros,  La Batista, La Time, Los Grillos
  • Soil: Sandy and Sandy loam
  • Slope: Between 10% and 25%
  • Exposure: Southwest
  • Altitude: 350 and 425 m
  • Climate: Semiarid with atlantic influence
  • Rainfall: 510 mm
  • Average temperature: 17.2ºC
  • Sun exposure: 2521 h/year
  • Grape varieties: Listan blanco de Canarias
  • Age of vines: More than 60 years
  • Vine density: 1.800 vines/Ha.
  • Viticulture: Integrated
  • Pruning: “En rastra” low trained
  • Production: 4.500 kg/ha.
  • Harvest: Hand harvest in 20 kg cases
  • Harvest date: 10th and  11th September
    Vinification: This wine is 100% white listán with more than 60 years, it was macerated and fermented with it’s skins in concrete tank. It was removed after 6 days and ended fermentation in concrete tank.. The wine was racked after 12 months and has been kept until date in same deposit. It hasn’t been clarified nor filtered, so it can throw sediments that protects the wine and gives uniqueness to the wine.
  • Bottling: 30th July 2015
  • Production: 2.340 75cl bottles and 10 magnum
  • Ageing: La Time 2000 white wine needs to rest 48h after it has been moved long distances.
  • Bottles: should be kept horizontal between 14ºC and 16ºC without any dramatic changes in temperature.
  • Service: We recommend to decant it and to be served at 12ºC



Name & Year

La Time – White 2000


D.O. La Palma