Llanos Negros | La Batista – White 2018
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A great white wine from La Palma as a consequence of the elegant Malvasía Aromática.

It is a late harvest, made from 100% Malvasia Aromatica, with an average age of 100 year old vines. A fine selection of grapes at the harvest and then reselected in the cellar. A cold maceration is applied for 14 hours. Racking and partial fermentation in stainless steel tank, with it’s own natural yeasts. It ends fermentation in french oak barrels of 500 liters. It’s matured on it’s lees for complexity.  In case there are proteins left it’s clarified.

It is a late harvest, made from 100 % Malvasia Aromatica, with an average age of 100 year old vines.

  • Oenologist: Carlos Lozano Pérez
  • Assistant winemaker: Francisco Camacho
  • Vine responsible: Rodrigo Castillo
  • Alcohol by volume (%vol.): 14
  • Total acidity (g/L) in tartaric acid: 6.7
  • Volatile acidity (g/L) in acetic acid: 0.52
  • PH: 3.16
  • Residual sugar (g/L):  3.0
  • Soil: Sandy sandy loam
  • Slope: Between 10% and 25%
  • Exposure: Southwest
  • Altitude: 350 and 425 m
  • Climate Semiarid with atlantic influence
  • Rainfall: 210 mm
  • Average temperature: 19.8ºC
  • Sun: exposure 2942 h/year
  • Grape varieties: 100% Malvasía Aromática
  • Age of vines: More than 100 years
  • Vine density: 1.800 vines/Ha.
  • Viticulture: Integrated
  • Pruning style: “En rastra”, with more than 5 buds
  • Production: 2.300 kg/ha.
  • Harvest: Hand harvest in 20 kg cases
  • Harvest date: 01
  • th October
  • Vinification: It’s a late harvest. The grapes are selected on the vines and once again in the wine cellar. A 0criomaceration is made during 14 hours followed by racking and partial fermentation in stainless steel with it’s own lees. Fermentation is finished in 500 liters barrels of French oak. It remains for ageing on it’s lees for twelve months until it’s refined. It will be clarified in case of presence of proteins, if not directly filtered and bottled.
  • Bottling: 02 th February 2017
  • Production: 1.800 75cl bottles and 10 magnum
  • Ageing: La Batista will develop it’s complexity and personality in the next five years.
  • Service: We recommend to decant it and serve it at 12º C


Name & Year

La Batista – White 2014


D.O. La Palma